Similar Opposites, 2016
Steel, Porcelain, Lenticular lens blank, Paper, Moving blankets
Dimensions Variable
Come, but please don't stay, a group show curated by Evelyn Sum
Photographs by Evan Jenkins


Fracture, 2016
Walnut, Ceramics, Plywood, Offset prints, Blackened steel, Brass, Rubber band, Inkjet print, Mp3
Dimensions Variable


Slice, 2016
Walnut, Maple
24 ¼" h x 6 ⅝" w x ½" d

In The Dune, 2016
Cherry, Steel, Acrylic, Magnifying sheet, Cardstock paper, Sandstones, Burlap, Hardware
Dimensions Variable


We Once Stood Under The Same Blue Sky, 2016
Inkjet print
Dimensions Variable

Lay With Me, 2016
Strand board, Tarp, Pine, Walnut, Poplar, Steel, Cement, String, Found objects
Collaboration with Seomy Ahn
70 ½" h x 120" w x 120" d


Untitled, 2016
Steel, Found granite, Walnut, Manila rope, Plastic jug pump
Collaboration with Will Krauland
62 ½" h x 31 ¾" w x 13" d

Volume 1, 2015
Poplar, Plywood, Acrylic, Felt, Silkscreen prints, Hardware
41" h x 22 ½" w x 17 ⅜" d (4" h x 5" h prints)


Trace: A Complete Incomplete, 2015
Steel, Pine, Poplar, Acrylic, Roll-up sign, Light string, Found granite, Screenprint on cardstock, Hardware
Dimensions Variable
Photographs by Gianna Izzolo


Shared, 2015
Acrylic, Water, Mp3, Speakers
Collaboration with Will Krauland
Dimensions Variable


Harness, 2015
Neon, Steel, Plywood, Projection
15" h x 24" w x 5" d

For You, 2015
Poplar, Plywood, Acrylic, Hardware
7" h x 14" w x 9 ⅝" d


Bind, 2015
Acrylic, Plywood, Binder, Chicken wire
Dimensions Variable